The Shadow of Hesper Payne

by Hesper Payne

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Written, recorded, mixed and mastered October 2016 by those damned fools known as Hesper Payne, at Alchemelia Hospital (W13), Jericho, Oxford.

'Art' by B.R. Johnson

Special thanks to the residents of Juxon Street for not calling the authorities and to "The Dept" for the loan of certain antedeluvian artifacts.

May the gods have mercy upon us all.


doomed beyond redemption
under the shadow of hesper payne
when the darkness gathers
the black witch will rise again
400 years ago they burned her
under the palid eyes of christ
she fled her body into the ether
now waits for her vengeance to come

Oh no!

she fled her searing flesh
and slipped into the dark outside
where nightmare things
flock about the earth as vultures to a carcass
her untold masters
taught her well the art of patience
awaiting for the day
when she would return
as the herald of doom

she walks tall in darkness
where even shadows tread lightly
outside of time and space
inbetween the cracks of reality
she spies upon
the pitifull affairs of the world
plotting to bring about
the end of humanity

when the wind blows cold
pregnant with malice and alien howling
the sun will burn red and the earth will quiver
beneath the shadow of hesper payne

the black witch will walk again
servent of stygian masters
the coven now woven tight by darkness
will dance under hideous stars
that pulse in pale green fire

oh! hear them breathing
beyond the wall of sleep
oh! hear the screaming
madness seeping through the veil

the triumph of science over death
in dreadfull allegience to the madness beyond
she cavorts with conspiritors before the black goat
and the eye that blinks out stars at the center of space
the pipping of flutes played by obsenities
from a realm where sanitiy is but of a fragmented dream
on a night like this
the earth seems to scream
doom is upon us all


released October 31, 2016
R. G. Upton-Pickman - Drums
J. C. Martense - Bass
B.R. Johnson - Guitars & Vocals



all rights reserved


Hesper Payne Oxford, UK

Doomed Heavy Metal from the cursed North East of England. Currently exiled to the four corners of the blighted British Isles. Formed in 2004 and not dead yet.

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