The Strange Tale Of Samuel Gonzalez

by Hesper Payne

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released January 8, 2012

This version was reformulated and recast June 2016
Originally Idealised, Annotated, Incanted and Distilled July 2011 - January 2012 by and at the bidding of Hesper Payne
The above experiments were conducted at Alchemellia Hospital (W13)
Illustration by Mr B.R. Johnson based on the demented rantings of Messers S.H. Gonzalez & B. Williams.

Researchers Of Antedeluvian Abomination:
Mr R.U. Pickman - Percusionations
Miss A. Durning - Mesmerism
Mr I. Fenwick - Pulsification
Mr B.R. Johnson - Oration, Smoke and Mirrors

May the gods have mercy on us all....



all rights reserved


Hesper Payne Oxford, UK

Doomed Heavy Metal from the cursed North East of England. Currently exiled to the four corners of the blighted British Isles. Formed in 2004 and not dead yet.

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Track Name: The Strange Tale Of Samuel Gonzalez
curiosity is fell beast
tempting those whose resolve is weak
promises of great secrets
entice the hungry
to their demise
Samuel received a missive
from an uncle long forgotten
in the old world he'd sought knowledge
in places others shunned

leaving panama on the first boat
travelled eastward cross the ocean
reading tales of ancient madness
in his uncles spidery hand
in a small town on the north coast
fog shrouded wraith haunted
he asked questions of the locals
prodding secrets best left to rot

Beware beware
your uncle was fool
beware have care
of suffer the same fate
and fall to your doom

in a cove just south of the town
there is cave that leads down and down
shunned by the locals regarded as cursed
deep in the moist guts of the earth
carvings and idols the likes are unheard
madness and whispers around every turn
older than Egypt, Sumer or Leng
I thought it abandoned but then THEY returned

The Stories where true
my warning to you
tread not this path
lest you meet THEM too

Cyclopean in scale
an ancient city beneath the dales
what breed are THEY
that live without light and breath through gills
obscene idols
built from materials I cannot discern
they seem amused by my presence and lead me further into the darkness

now they tell me things I do not wish to hear

when we last walked beneath the sun and sky
the world was young and our people thrived
but time moves on the earth will always flow and change
and we declined with the coming of you mammals

they told me tales of the ancient land Pangaea
upon the shores of the Panthalassic ocean
the ancient races from the stars and within the earth
forgotten secrets of the antediluvian world

now they show me things I do not wish to see

I beheld their god
he who dreams
down in the deep
the secret madness
gnawing at the minds of men
waiting for the stars
to come right again

in a cove just south of the town
Samuel went down and down
left by the locals regarded as lost
searching the caverns regardless of cost
carvings and idols the likes he'd not seen
most he regarded insane and obscene
older than anything constructed by man
here in the darkness his terror began

curiosity is fell beast
tempting those whose resolve is weak
promises of great secrets
entice the hungry
to their demise
what happened in the darkness
will never bear witness
seeking treasure in knowledge
only led them to their doom
Track Name: Ospreys Jar
the height of human arrogance
his intelligence is un paralleled
among the bleating herd
his works are unrivalled
his words are forged in wisdom
gleaned from forgotten pages
no faith in man made idols
hear the call of unknown gods

then one day a friend came calling
from a trek in ancient lands
he unveiled a secret offering
an emerald god trapped in a jar

green liquid sealed within
a jar transcribed with writhing words
ill scripture that hurts the eye
the glass seemed alive with worming madness
sealed within a
precious gift from the the distant caller
they use it to communicate
with unknown gods of ancient wisdom

Drink deep of me
and hear my call
I am the one
who waits in the dark
sing loud my words
and follow my path
leap with rapture into my abyss
the emerald gates are open to all

clammy stone and the stink of brine
rot falls from stalactites
a dark cavern fills the space
where once his homestead stood
the walls scrawled with writhing words
crawling down through the earth
terror fills his every breath
until nothing more remains

writhing flesh and appendages
fill the void that swallows me
a fleeting second of piercing horror
before the madness drowns me
I scream until my throat is ruptured
and the only sound I make is his name
the cold embrace of the emerald pressure
settles upon my soul

lord of the green abyss
I belong to you now
lord of the green abyss
dwell in the dark no more
Track Name: Litany Of The Drowners (2011)
In the woods
tree that stalks
others from
the outside walk
mad stars spiral
in times decay
black things flock
to temples in the void

drowners rising
from the ashes of the past
the time of man has now been washed away
the tides of space have changed

unkind angles
impose our space
lives and all they built
have now been laid to waste
madness spread like a fever
oceans wash with pain
others from beyond our time
astride this earth aflame

aesthetic nightmares filter through
the end of times approaches fast
the old ones decending from the outer spheres
to come reaping through the flames
we scream into the leaden sky
they dream dream beneath the silent waves
the red world sings its siren song
over civilisations grave