Relics of the Deep Dark Woods

by Hesper Payne

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A collection of early demos and unreleased tracks. Back in late 2003 I was playing round with an old six string tuned really low and come up with a load of cool riffs and proto songs but took it no further.

A few months later I purchased a long lusted after seven string guitar. The chap at the music shop had no experience of them and put super heavy gauge strings on. To my dismay I could tune no higher than G, I hit an open chord and the gut churning, growling vibration kicked my ass.

I quickly realised that this would be awesome for those proto riffs and set about writing and recording the first demo 'Unspoken Kults' ( tracks 1 - 3 of this compilation) a few months later I had writen and recorded 'The Black Witch' demo (tracks 4 - 6).After this The Doom Band as it was known fell dormant, unable to find a ful lline up I put it to one side and never distributed the demos. Tracks 7 and 8 where demo versions of songs written and recorded between 2005 and 2007 and were never part of any demo or EP.

In late 2005 I began working on what would become 'Dreamer in the Deep' as a seperate entity, the songs were similar in style and content to the earlier doom stuff and the songs were merged, using the name Hesper Payne from the first song ever written and recorded for the band name seemed obvious and I'm not sure why I didnt do it sooner.

'Relics...' has recieved no official physical release though 25 CDRs of 'The Black Witch' demo were printed with home made art and distributed free at a gig in 2009.

This version was remixed and remastered by me, April 2016


released June 1, 2009

Brooke Johnson - Everything




Hesper Payne Oxford, UK

Doomed Heavy Metal from the cursed North East of England. Currently exiled to the four corners of the blighted British Isles. Formed in 2004 and not dead yet.

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